The Highlands Civic Association maintains an email listserv that allows members to receive email notices related to issues and events concerning the neighborhood.  Any message sent to the list address is distributed to all members.  Any member can also respond to messages on the list. Before you can send a message to the list, you must join the list (see below).

Joining the List

Subscribe to the listserv by sending an email to:

No subject or body text is required
Email Tom Gesell (our listserv coordinator volunteer) at

Sending an Email to the List

To send a message to the list, simply send an email to:


Too Much Mail?

If you would rather get listserv messages only once a day, saved up and presented to you in one batch of messages, then you want the “digest” option. You can undo this option whenever you want.

To activate the “digest”,  send an email to with the message:


Leaving the List

To leave the list and stop receiving emails, send an email to:

No subject or body text is required.

Email List Discussion Manners and Protocol

  1. Replies send the response to ALL list members so make sure you intend to send a response to the whole list instead of a specific person. If you wish to reply to a specific person, send a message to his/her e-mail address only.
  2. Do NOT send messages to the list that are more appropriately sent directly to an individual to the list.
  3. Do NOT use the list to set up personal meetings, to thank someone for sending you information, or to say hello to a friend. Ask yourself, “Will my post add to the knowledge base of the other members of the listserv?” If it will not, then respond directly to the person who has asked the question.
  4. All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  5. Minimize the use CAPITAL letters – It is considered yelling.
  6. Read your document carefully before you send it. Check that the e-mail is accurate and that is says exactly what you want to say.
  7. If you are replying to a previous e-mail, reference it or include a copy with your reply.
  8. Be sure to use a subject line that describes your topic.
  9. E-mail addresses on this lists are private and not for distribution of any kind without permission of the Highlands Civic Association.
  10. Please do not distribute copies of e-mail submissions to persons that are not on the listserv (without the permission of the original posters).
  11. Political postings are not permitted.